NoriGlass TPI is a screen printing ink for the decoration of glass, particularly for symbols of touch switches and for backlit displays.

This organic screen printing ink provides very high resistance to aqueous household cleaners, hand and machine dishwashing detergents as well as to chemicals and solvents such as aliphatic and aromatic hydrocarbons, alcohols, greases, oils and hydraulic fluids. 


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NoriGlass TPI

Glass Decorating Ink – silicone & halogen free

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NoriGlass OR

Outdoor Resistant 2-Component Glass Decorating Ink - silicone free

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NoriGlass OR
NoriGlass OR 930 Titanium White
NoriGlass OR 960 Deep Black
NoriGlass TPI
NoriGlass TPI 930 Titanium White
NoriGlass TPI 960 Deep Black
ZK-Farbe (ZK-Two-Component Ink)
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