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NoriGlass OR 960 Deep Black

Outdoor Resistant 2-Component Glass Decorating Ink - silicone free

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Area of Application and General Characteristics

OR - Outdoor Resistant

  • Very high Optical Density: 
    • OD ~ 5 @ 7 μm Layer Thickness 
      (x-rite 361T Densitometer)
  • Very high Electrical Resistance: 
    > 500 GΩ @ 1000 V Measuring Voltage
    (FLUKE 1555; distance of electrodes = 1 cm)
  • Very high Surface Free Energy (Very good bondability):
    • σ total ~ 45 mN/m
    • σ disperse ~ 43 mN/m
    • σ polar ~ 2 mN/m
      (Krüss MSA; H2O/Diiodomethane)

If printed on second surface, NoriGlass OR 960's properties allow the best possible realization of touch panels (black frame) or capacitive touch switches for outdoor applications.

The cured ink layer is opaque and has, due to its high electrical resistance, no negative influence on touch sensors behind.

Further information can be found in our technical data sheets in the Downloads section

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